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HB 156 passed the House Wednesday and now has been received in the Senate! It is imperative that the Senate take action on it quickly in order for the Bill to have time to make it through the remainder of the legislative process. Please contact your State Senator and request the following:
1. Ask them to support HB 156 (Fire Fighter Cancer Bill)
2. Ask that they contact Senate Leadership and urge them to support the Bill
LRC#- (502)564-8100
Message Line- (800)896-0305
For those of you that have Senators in leadership positions, it is even more important for you to contact them. Senate leadership:
Robert Stivers- Senate President
David Givens- President Pro Tempore
Damon Thayer- Majority Floor Leader
Dan Seum- Majority Caucus Chair
Jimmy Higdon- Majority Whip
Ray Jones- Minority Floor Leader
Gerald Neal- Minority Caucus Chair
Julian Carroll- Minority Whip
All contact info, including email addresses, can be obtained at If you need assistance contacting your Senator, don't hesitate to give me a call. You did a great job in contacting 100 Representatives, there is no reason why we can't be just as successful in contacting 38 Senators!!

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Greetings, and welcome to our site! The Louisville Fire Department has been protecting this community for over 160 years, and its members have been protected by the IAFF for over 70. We invite the public to see what is happening with your local firefighters, and we invite our members to stay actively involved with our Union.

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