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Firefighters stand ready to protect lives and property, and they should not be used as a pawn in the political and budget process. Louisville Metro is dealing with a budget crisis, and does not want to make the hard decisions to put public safety first. The city has already reduced safety by closing a fire company, and now they are trying to take steps to use the county's firefighters - and the county's tax dollars - to cover the city which will leave those communities vulnerable.

"Closest Response" sounds good on the surface, but it is simply a tool to try and further shrink the fire service.

Call the Louisville Metro Council and tell them to say NO to closest response.

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Greetings, and welcome to our site! The Louisville Fire Department has been protecting this community for over 160 years, and its members have been protected by the IAFF for over 70. We invite the public to see what is happening with your local firefighters, and we invite our members to stay actively involved with our Union.

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